How is the iPhone 13 this cheap?

In a shocking turn of events, contract prices for the iPhone 13 seem to have plummeted and we’ve just spotted the best of them.

Right now you can pick up an iPhone 13 with 100GB data for just £26.99 a month and absolutely nothing to pay upfront. That’s an absurdly good deal for what is still a great iPhone in 2023 and one that’s set to receive software and security updates for years to come.

At that price, the total cost of the contract comes to roughly £647.76 which, when you deduct the £599 SIM-free price of the iPhone 13 itself means you’re only paying about £2 a month for that 100GB data allowance, which is phenomenal value for money.

Even though it’s since been superseded by two newer handsets, the iPhone 13 is still a solid smartphone in its own right and if you’re upgrading from a much older Apple phone then it’s a great one to choose if you want to keep the costs down.

Get the iPhone 13 at a bargain price

Get the iPhone 13 at a bargain price

With 100GB of data and absolutely nothing to pay upfront, this iPhone 13 contract is a bargain upgrade for anyone after a more modern Apple handset.

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  • No upfront cost
  • Just £26.99/month

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In fact, after having used both of these phones myself, I can tell you that there’s very little difference between the iPhone 14 and the 13, with the exception of a few new video modes and SOS emergency calling on the former.

From the slick nature of iOS to the compact nature of the phone itself that makes it easy to use one-handed, the iPhone 13 is a great all-rounder that anyone can appreciate. Plus, that’s before mentioning the seamless integration of Apple’s ecosystem which, when you bring products like the Apple Watch and AirPods into the fold, is unmatched.

The cameras still hold up surprisingly well, and can take the type of shots that’ll stand out on your social media channels. In his 4.5-star review for the phone, Editor Max Parker wrote: “shooting at night, in darker bars and restaurants, is a real highlight. The iPhone 13 tends to force itself into the dedicated Night mode more often than the iPhone 13 Pro, but the results are supremely detailed with natural bright points and minimal noise.

The iPhone 13 was also the first Apple handset to introduce ‘Cinematic Mode’ to video capture, which adds a bokeh effect in real-time to make your videos look more like something you’d see on the big screen, making it a handy tool for vloggers and content creators.

At just £26.99 a month, the iPhone 13 is one heck of a steal, and I’d be quicker to recommend this to most people than the alternative of paying far more for the latest handset.