How to make an AI Wallpaper on Android

Generative AI has been the buzzword of 2023 so far, with the tech on show in various apps and services. Google has even built the feature into Android 14, allowing users to generate unique wallpapers by typing in a number of prompts.

Tired of the general selection of wallpapers on your Android 14 phone? Then this generative AI wallpaper feature is worth a try. By using a number of prompts and a chosen theme, AI Wallpaper can create various new wallpapers in a few seconds.

Here’s how to get it started in a few simple steps.

What you’ll need: 

The Short Version 

  • Unlock the phone
  • Long press on the homescreen and select Wallpaper and style
  • Tap More wallpapers
  • Select the AI wallpaper option
  • Choose a theme
  • Begin tweaking the commands to create a wallpaper
  • Tap on a word to see alternatives
  • Once chosen, tap the tick icon in the top corner
  • Tap Set wallpaper
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  1. Step

    Unlock the phone

    First off, unlock the phone running Android 14. These generative AI wallpapers are currently supported by the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro.Android home screen Ai wallpaper How to

  2. Step

    Long press on the homescreen and select Wallpaper and style

    To get into the wallpaper menu, press down on the home screen and tap Wallpaper and style.wallpaper picker AI wallpaper how to

  3. Step

    Tap More wallpapers

    Once inside the wallpaper menu, tap More wallpapers. You can see the icon in the below on more wallpapers how to

  4. Step

    Select the AI wallpaper option

    Right at the top of this menu there’s an option for Ai wallpaper. Tap on AI wallpaper wallpaper picker

  5. Step

    Choose a theme

    To begin building your wallpaper first select a theme. These include things like Imaginary, Mineral and Painting.choose a wallpaper theme to get started

  6. Step

    Begin tweaking the prompts to create a wallpaper

    Once a theme is chosen you’ll be given a number of prompts that can be tweaked to help the generative AI feature start building the wallpaper. Begin tapping the underlined words to see what options there are to choose from.tweak the words to generate the wallpaper

  7. Step

    Once chosen, tap the tick in the top corner

    When you’ve selected the prompts you want and are happy, tap the tick in the top corner to generate the wallpaper. click the tick to confirm ai wallpaper

  8. Step

    Tap Set wallpaper

    Tap Set wallpaper to set it as either your lock or home screen – or both.set wallpaper pixel 8 how to


Can you type my own prompts?

No, you can only choose from the prompts and themes provided.