iOS 17.2 will be a much bigger deal than iOS 17.1

Apple rolled out iOS 17.1 yesterday and, while it added some decent features for AirDrop, Apple Music and StandBy, it wasn’t as much of a newsworthy upgrade we’ve seen from ‘point one’ launches in the past.

However, the first beta of Apple iOS 17.2 sent out to developers today, includes more exciting fare. Namely, the new Journal app Apple showcased during WWDC back in June but was absent from the main iOS 17 release in September.

Apple describes the app as “a new way to reflect on and relive special moments.” The Journal app will encourage users to record their thoughts on life’s big and small moments, Apple says.

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You can add details, music and audio recordings to photos, while entries can be revisited to add new insight or to check on the progress towards goals.

“Your iPhone can create personalised suggestions of moments to remember and write about based on information like your photos, location, music, workouts, and more—all using on-device machine learning,” the company says.

Apple has naturally been working behind the scenes to perfect the Journal app and its presence within iOS 17.2 suggests it’ll soon be in the hands of iPhone owners.

Elsewhere within the iOS 17.2 beta, Apple is finally adding collaborative Apple Music playlists as well as a Favourites playlist as standard. iOS 17.1 added the ability to filter by Favourites, but this is the first time the list has appeared automatically within the playlists. And not before time.

The beta also includes a Contact Key Verification feature for iMessage that gives users piece of mind over who they’re messaging with.

The release notes explain: “With iMessage Contact Key Verification, users can choose to further verify that they are messaging only with the people they intend. Contact Key Verification uses Key Transparency to enable automatic verification that the iMessage key distribution service returns device keys that have been logged to a verifiable and auditable map. When a user enables Contact Key Verification, they will be notified about any validation errors directly in the Messages conversation transcript and Apple ID Settings.”

Finally, as 9to5Mac reports, iOS 17.2 beta 1 adds the option to assign the iPhone 15 Pro Action Button to Translate.