LG StanbyME portable TVs are coming 29 November for £1,199

LG has announced that its portable TVs, the wheeled StanbyME and briefcase StanbyME Go, will both go on sale 29 November 2023 and will cost £1,199.

StanbyME Go

Showing that there’s more life to the TV market than just bigger, higher resolution screens, the StanbyME genuinely does something different. It was the briefcase TV that particularly had our TV editor, Kob Monney, excited when he had a chance to play with the StanbyME Go at IFA.

With its military-grade STD-810G protection and funky design, the 27-inch TV looks like the kind of thing that a spy would have. Flip open the briefcase, and the screen can be laid flat, like a table, for playing games, such as chess; or the screen can be pulled out on a stand for traditional watching in landscape or portrait orientations.

Of course, the screen is powered by LG’s WebOS operating system, which can be operated via the touchscreen or bundled remote control.

Both Dolby Atmos (via a 20W four-channel system) and Dolby Vision are built into this screen. While there’s only a Full HD resolution, at least there’s no compromise on HDR or sound formats. There’s no need for a power cable, either, as the 12.7kg display has an integrated battery, which lasts for three hours.


Although they share the same name, the regular StanbyME portable screen is quite different, bar the screen size and resolution (27 inches and 1080p). Here, the screen is mounted on a wheeled stand so the TV can be wheeled to where you want it.

With a height-adjustable screen, the TV can be made the perfect height, whether you’re using it to catch up on shows when ill in bed or you need an additional screen in the office for delivering a killer presentation. And, the screen can be rotated between portrait and landscape views.

Again, there’s an integrated battery that gives three hours of use, and LG’s WebOS operating system gives you all the apps you need, controllable via the touchscreen or bundled remote. Content can also be mirrored to the screen, although there is an HDMI input for those who prefer a cable.

Flexible viewing

Both TVs are expensive, particularly given their relatively small sizes and Full HD resolutions, and, it’s fair to say, niche products. That’s not to dismiss them. There’s a growing demand for larger screens that add flexibility to viewing, as we’ve seen from the rise of outdoor TVs, such as the Sylvox 43-inch Deck Pro Outdoor TV. Both StanbyME TVs show that something different can be done, and you’ll be able to see them for yourself at the end of November.