Meze Audio Empyrean II planar magnetic headphones announced

Romanian high-end audio company Meze Audio has announced the Empyrean II, a new set of premium planar magnetic headphones with interchangeable earpads.

For this second generation set, Meze has refined the Isodynamic Hybrid Array driver design provided by partner Rinaro Isodynamics, which apparently results in a more neutral sound signature while retaining the brand’s “easy to listen to” character.

The company claims to have harnessed the driver and even made it more reliable in challenging acoustic environments.

In terms of design, the Meze Audio Empyrean II features a sleek black matte finish and silver accents, while it also features a redesigned art deco-inspired aluminium grille.

Meze Audio Empyrean II headphones with art deco design.

Comfort and customisation seems to be a focus here too, with two differing sets of earpads included so that you can secure your ideal fit. The new Duo Earpads appear to be the all-rounder of the two, made from a blend of leather and Alcantara and designed for a harmonious tonal balance.

The Angled Alcantara Earpads, on the other hand, are intended for the audiophiles out there. They sport an angled shape that creates more space inside the earpad, thus resulting in an airier sound with cleaner bass and improved midrange.

Such attention to detail and evident audiophile chops come at a price. The Meze Audio Empyrean II are available for pre-order from the Meze Audio website starting today at a price of $2999 / €2999 / £2749.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Meze brand, we can vouch for their audiophile credentials. We reviewed the Meze Audio Liric last year, and scored them a might 4.5 stars out of 5, praising their “excellent build quality and high levels of comfort,” as well as their “articulate and insightful sound”.