Netflix hikes its prices yet again

Netflix has hiked up the prices of some of its tiers once again in several key markets, including the UK and the US.

The streaming giant has just posted its third quarter earnings results, and they’ve come accompanied by the unwelcome news of yet another price bump in the US, the UK, and France.

Starting from today here in the UK, the price of a Basic plan is going up by £1 to £7.99 a month, while US prices are rising $2 from $9.99 to $11.99 a month. The Premium plan has been increased by £2 to £17.99 a month in the UK, and by $3 from $19.99 to $22.99 in the US.

Standard tier subscribers get a reprieve, with the plan continuing to cost £10.99 a month here in the UK and $15.49 in the US.

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It’s been less than two years since Netflix last upped its prices, having done so in January 2022 for the US and March for the UK. It means that the Premium plan, which anyone with a 4K TV would ideally want to subscribe to, has risen by £4 in around 18 months.

Netflix has been all about the bad news in 2023, having axed the Basic plan for new users in the UK and US back in July. Instead the entry-level slot was filled by the Basic with ads plan tier, which inserts adverts for a slightly lower monthly fee.

The company also launched an aggressive clamp down on password sharers back in May, which appeared not to cause the mass subscription cancellations that some had predicted. Which is nice for Netflix, I’m sure we can all agree.

Earlier in the month it was rumoured that Netflix would be increasing subscription prices across several markets, but it was held that Netflix would wait until several months after the end of the writer’s strike. It’s clearly very eager to get those extra pounds, dollars, and euros rolling in.