Netflix movies will finally focus on quality over quantity

There’s a very common perception that Netflix movies, in the main, haven’t merited the same acclaim as those released through the traditional theatrical method.

Along with that perception is the feeling Netflix commissioned far too many movies – and spent far too much of your ever-rising subscription fees – at the expense of that quality.

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If you felt the same way, consider your view validated because Netflix just admitted its early forays into original movies had been all about the volume.

In an interview with Variety, Scott Stuber, the head of Netflix Film says the company was going what it could to compete with the century-old legacy studios and the start of that journey began with actually getting plenty of films into the library.

“We were growing a new studio. We’d only been doing this for a few years, and we were up against 100-year-old companies,” Stuber told the trade publication. “So you have to ask yourself, ‘What is your business model?’ And for a while it was just making sure that we had enough. We needed volume.”

That’s changing, with the Netflix halving its output from 50 films down per year, to as little as 25, as it seeks to ensure the wheat is more easily discernible from the chaff.

“Right now, we’re not trying to hit a set number of film releases. It’s about ‘Let’s make what we believe in,’” Stuber added.

“And let’s actually put forth a slate that we can stand behind and say, ‘This is the best version of a romantic comedy. This is the best version of a thriller. This is the best version of a drama.’”

Of course, Netflix has made its fair share of award-winning and award-nominated films. Netflix films have been nominated for the Best Picture Academy Award seven times, while its pictures have earned oscars for Best Director twice. However, no-ones going to argue with more good movies and less duds.