Office hits Quest headsets so you can escape reality and still be productive

If you’ve ever dreamed of having a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet immerse your field of vision, today is your lucky day.

Microsoft has launched its Office suite of productivity apps for Meta’s range of Quest virtual reality headsets. The duo has been promising the apps will launch for over a year and now Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint can be downloaded from the Meta Quest store.

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They’re compatible with the original Meta Quest, Quest 2, Quest 3 and Quest Pro. Depending on the headset in use, the apps can be accessed in both virtual and mixed reality environments.

The apps are housed in the cloud, so effectively you’re just downloading a couple of MB icon as a link to the web app. You will need to be online in order to use the apps. Of course, you’ll need a Microsoft account, but you won’t need a subscription to Microsoft 365 in order to use them.

Because you’re able to pair accessories via Bluetooth, you’ll be able to use a traditional mouse and a keyboard. There’s also hand tracking too, so you’ll be able to type on a virtual keyboard.

The user interface doesn’t look very optimised for VR, but it might be a fun and novel way to type up a quick document. Microsoft has had a big week or so when it comes to Meta app releases. Last week it launched the long promised Xbox app, which brought Game Pass compatibility to Meta’s headsets for the first time.