Quick, the Apple Pencil 2 is massively discounted on Amazon

For any iPad users out there who want to start dabbling in digital art and note-taking, you’ll definitely want to check out this Apple Pencil bargain.

While it’s not quite as cheap as the deal offered during Black Friday, Amazon’s current offer is still a banger and the most affordable around right now, letting you nab the Apple Pencil Gen 2 for just £93.99 – a huge reduction over its original £139 asking price.

As mentioned, it’s just slightly more than the £89 going rate during Black Friday but we’ve had a look around and there’s no cheaper price (from what we can see) than what Amazon is currently offering, so if you want to gift someone the Apple Pencil this Christmas – or even treat yourself – then this is the deal to go for.

Apple Pencil 2 down to a tempting price

Apple Pencil 2 down to a tempting price

For those who want to do more with their iPad, now’s the chance to bag a bargain thanks to Amazon’s phenomenal deal on the Apple Pencil 2nd Gen.

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  • Was £139
  • Now £93.99

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It’s also worth mentioning from the jump that the second gen Apple Pencil doesn’t work with every iPad on the market. For instance, if you have the base-level iPad 9 or 10 then you’ll want the original Apple Pencil, but for anyone toting a recent iPad Pro, iPad Air or the latest iPad Mini then you’re good to go.

While competition is certainly fierce from Samsung’s ever-evolving S Pen, the Apple Pencil 2 is still the best tablet stylus you can get right now. For starters, its matte finish with grooved edges makes it incredibly comfortable to hold (certainly more so than its predecessor).

As you’d expect from any product within the Apple ecosystem, pairing happens instantly so you don’t have to faff around with a lengthy set-up process, and it can even charge wirelessly too, snapping to the magnetic side of your iPad when not in use.

When it comes to drawing, the Apple Pencil’s pressure sensitivity, tilt sensor and low latency combine to simulate the experience of holding an actual pen or pencil perfectly. If you much prefer the feeling of handwritten notes but don’t want to carry around tons of notebooks then the Apple Pencil is a great shout.

There’s no telling when the Apple Pencil will be back down to this price and, more importantly, it’ll even arrive before Christmas (at the time of posting), so if you want an affordable gift for the Apple fan in your life then this is it.