Samsung Galaxy Book 4 laptop range revealed a day early

Details on Samsung’s new Galaxy Book 4 laptop range have leaked a day ahead of the official unveiling.

Samsung is planning to launch its next laptop range, the Book 4 series, on December 15. That’s tomorrow.

However, South Korean website Enews Today has slipped up and published the news early. Evidently aware that it had jumped the embargo, the website pulled the news story. Of course, the internet being what it is, the evidence is all there courtesy of Google’s web cache (via Android Authority).

It’s not hugely surprising stuff, to be fair. There will be three models on offer: the Galaxy Book 4 Ultra, the Galaxy Book 4 Pro, and the Galaxy Book 4 Pro 360.

All three will offer 3K AMOLED 120Hz touchscreens and anti-reflection coatings. With the Ultra and the 360, this only comes in 16-inch form, while the Pro adds a 14-inch option into the mix.

Leaked Galaxy Book 4 range
Image: Enews Today via Android Authority

All three will be powered by Intel Core Ultra CPUs with integrated NPUs (a first), and baseline Intel Arc graphics. As you might expect, the range-topping Galaxy Book 4 Ultra gives you the option of GeForce RTX 4050 or 4070 GPUs. Samsung is also including a Knox security chip, which is physically separated from the rest.

As for software, Samsung is implementing a feature that lets you start editing a video on your phone or tablet, then continue on a Book 4. The new Photo Remaster feature, meanwhile, will replace your old low-res images with superior high res alternatives.

South Korean Pricing will start from 1.88 million won (about £1,145) for the Galaxy Book 4 Pro, moving up to 2.59 million won (roughly £1,578) for the Galaxy Book 4 360, while the range-topping Galaxy Book 4 Ultra starts from 3.36 million won (about £2,047).

We’re big fans of the previous models, which include Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro, the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra (pictured above), and especially the Galaxy Book 3 360. We’ll be paying close attention to the launch of the follow-ups, even if the major details have been leaked already.