Soundcore launches Aerofit open-ear true wireless series

Soundcore has announced the launch of the Aerofit and Aerofit Pro, two true wireless earbuds with an open-ear design.

The open-eared buds gaining traction, Soundcore is the latest brand to jump in on the action with two models. If you aren’t familiar with open-eared headphones, they’re designed so the wearer can hear their music and the environment at the same time, similar to the transparency/ambient modes found on noise-cancelling headphones.

Both earphones intend to make use of a non-intrusive design with a soft-touch coating that offers a gentle point of contact with the skin. They also use aerospace grade 0.7mm thick titanium wire to fit securely around the ear. Like the JBL Soundgear Sense, the Aerofit Pro version will come with a detachable and adjustable neckband for a more secure fit.

soundcore AeroFit Pro white
credit: Soundcore

IP resistance for the Aerofit is IPX5, while the Aerofit Pro is stronger at IPX7. Bluetooth support is version 5.3 with Bluetooth multipoint included for connecting to multiple devices at once. Battery life is four hours (42 in total), and five-and-a-half hours (46 in total) for the Aerofit and Aerofit Pro respectively.

The Aerofit Pro features 16.2mm drivers (same size as the Cleer ARC II Sport), while the Aerofit has smaller 14mm drivers. The use of such large drivers should help in producing a big soundstage for listeners to enjoy.

The titanium-coated dome drivers are intended to produce a “better listening experience in mid and high frequencies”. Souncore’s BassUp technology is included to produce a bigger “thump” in the bass department, while the acoustic port is integrated to deliver sound directly to the ears and prevent leakage to those nearby.

The Aerofit Pro managed to squeeze LDAC decoding for higher quality audio, and there’s 360 Spatial Audio too, with the sound following the movement of the user’s head to keep them at the centre of the music.

How much do they cost? Pricing for the Aerofit Pro is to be £149.99 / $169.99, while the standard Aerofit model is £109.99 / $129.99.

The Pro comes in Black, White, Aqua Blue and Electric Purple, and will be available to buy from January 2024. The standard model will be available to pre-order in February 2024.