The latest Beeper Mini iMessage for Android jury rig? 'Just get a Mac'

If you’re one of those rare sorts who uses a Mac but pairs it with an Android phone rather than an iPhone, the makers of Beeper Mini app have some great news – you might actually be able to get its iMessage clone to work soon.

Yes! The app which successfully reverse engineered iMessage to give Android users their precious blue bubbles and a host of other perks without an iPhone could have found a way to get around Apple’s distaste for it. Just get yourself a Mac, or get yourself a friend with a Mac. Great news for those who make a conscious effort to opt out of Apple’s ecosystem and walled garden, but still want the benefits of Apple technology like iMessage.

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“We’ve found a solution to stabilise the iMessage situation for Beeper Cloud and Mini,” the company wrote on its official subreddit (via 9to5Google).

“It works well, and, in our testing, is very reliable. The only downside is that the solution requires you to have access to a Mac computer, or have a friend on Beeper with a Mac.”

The need for the solution is because Apple cottoned onto the fact the developers were using its own fleet of Macs for the purposes of registering for the application. That came a cropper because thousands of Beeper users ended up using the same registration data which raised security red flags.

Apparently, it “has proven to be an easy target for Apple” as if Apple isn’t looking out for the interests of its own users and proprietary technology by objecting to Beeper’s existence.

However, by using 1:1 mapping of registration data and individual Macs/Apple IDs should get around it, for now. From that point on, the registration shouldn’t set off any alarm bells at Apple HQ, beyond the ones that have seen the app shut down.

“Tomorrow, we’ll publish an update for Beeper Cloud (Mac version) that generates unique registration data just for you. This 1:1 mapping of registration data to individual user—in our testing—makes the connection very reliable,” the company added.

“If you use Beeper Mini, you can use your Mac registration data with it as well, and Beeper Mini will start to work again. Beeper needs to periodically regenerate this data even after you’ve connected, roughly once per week or month, so the Mac needs to switched on regularly.”

Does this sound like it’s worth the hassle? Well, maybe to some Android users with severe bouts iMessage envy. Otherwise, probably not.

Even if the makers of Beeper Mini can’t get a working solution that gets pass Apple’s eagle-eyed IP lawyers, the efforts might bring about change it desires.

The way Apple promptly got Beeper Mini shut down initially has alerted competition regulators. The end result might be Apple having to open up iMessage anyway, despite throwing Android users a bone by promising to adopt RCS messaging next year.