This Galaxy S23 FE deal just destroyed the competition

The new Galaxy S23 FE was already designed to be a more budget-friendly alternative to the regular S23 but this deal just upped the ante.

Right now you can snag the Galaxy S23 FE with a massive 100GB of data for just £9 upfront and £24.99 a month. At that price, the total cost of the contract would come to roughly £608.76 over two years, which is barely that much more than the £599 rate of buying the phone SIM-free.

With that in mind, you’re only paying roughly 50p a month for that 100GB data allowance which is almost unheard of, particularly as that’s enough data to get through you through plenty of streaming, social media and even a bit of online gaming.

Galaxy S23 FE Bargain

Galaxy S23 FE Bargain

Not only can you get the Galaxy S23 FE with 100GB of data on the cheap, but Samsung’s also throwing in £100 cashback, a pair of Galaxy Buds FE and 12-months of Disney Plus for free.

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  • Just £9 upfront
  • Only £24.99/month

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As if that wasn’t enough Samsung’s got an extra deal on top to sweeten it even further. If you buy the S23 FE before January 25th 2024 and head on over to this link to verify your purchase, you can get £100 cashback, a pair of Galaxy Buds FE and 12-months of Disney Plus at no extra charge.

With the amount of value this contract offers, there just isn’t anything comparable right now on any other handset, so if you want to end the year with a phone upgrade that gives you plenty in return, you won’t find a better deal than this.

It’s worth noting that in our review for the S23 FE, Mobiles Editor Lewis Painter noted that the phone had arguably arrived too late and that if the regular S23 could be found at a cheaper price then it would be the better pick of the two. With this deal however, the FE is far more affordable than the S23, so it’s far less of an issue.

Besides, the phone itself has plenty going for it in terms of its design, overall performance and the ability of its camera set-up. When discussing the cameras, Lewis detailed: “the 50MP primary lens delivers fairly similar results to the flagship in the majority of scenarios, both well-lit and low-light. There’s the signature oversaturation favoured by Samsung across its smartphone range, and while that means images aren’t quite true to life, they look especially vivid on the phone’s AMOLED panel and look great on social media.”

Unless you’re dead-set on picking up a flagship level phone, this is easily one of the best mid-range contracts you can find right now, especially for the amount of extra incentives Samsung has thrown in.