What is Bluetooth Multipoint? The headphone technology explained

Headphones are packed to the brim with numerous features these days, to such an extent that it can be tricky keeping up with all the lingo. 

One feature that you may recognise is called Bluetooth Multipoint, but what exactly is this feature and how can it benefit you? 

We’ve created this guide to explain just that, so keep on scrolling to find out everything you need to know about Bluetooth Multipoint. 

What is Bluetooth Multipoint? 

Bluetooth Multipoint is a feature that allows a pair of headphones to connect to two different devices simultaneously. 

One useful example of Bluetooth Multipoint includes using wireless headphones to listen to music through your laptop, while also maintaining a connection to your smartphone so you don’t miss any important notifications. 

You’ll even be able to listen out for incoming calls when using Bluetooth Multipoint, with the technology smartly switching over to the call so you still don’t have music playing in the background. 

There are many limitations to Bluetooth Multipoint. Most headphones with this feature can only assign one source as a media player, with secondary devices restricted to the sound of notifications. This means you wouldn’t be able to stream music from two different sources at the same time, although there aren’t a huge number of scenarios where that would be useful. 

Bluetooth Multipoint isn’t the same across all headphones. Sometimes it only supports simultaneous connections to a phone and laptop, while other times it can be restricted to just two phones at a time. It all depends on which Bluetooth profiles are supported by each pair of headphones, which can make the technology very confusing. 

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