Forget Alexa, this Echo Dot with Clock deal will have you shouting eureka!

The Amazon Echo Dot with Clock is a fantastic smart speaker with voice controls and a handy on-device clock for your alarms or timers. You can get it for £25 off right now at… yep, Amazon.

The manufacturer and retailer is selling the Echo Dot with Clock for just £39.99, which is a 38% saving on the usual £64.99 asking price. That’s a super saving on this fifth (and newest) generation model, which packs great sound and all of the smart voice control features you could hope for.

Save £25 on Amazon Echo Dot with Clock, now just £39.99

Save £25 on Amazon Echo Dot with Clock, now just £39.99

The highly-rated 5th Generation Amazon Echo Dot with Clock smart speaker is currently on sale for £39.99. That’s a massive 38% reduction offering £25 off.

An Amazon Echo Dot with Clock is a brilliant option for the bedroom or the kitchen. It’ll provide room-filling audio when commanding your favourite tunes via voice controls and Bluetooth. However, it’s also a great living room device if you’re looking to control smart home devices rather than using it as your main music speaker.

This model, which came out in 2022, differs from the standard Echo Dot because of the LED clock on the front of the device. It makes for a fantastic alarm clock on the bedside table. It’ll also display your timers, the temperature and the title of the music you’ve played via Alexa.

We did see this at a slightly lower price during Black Friday, when it was down to £31.99. However, this is still a fantastic option for anyone seeking to smarten up their home, or if you’re thinking about the speaker as a Christmas present for loved ones.

Is the Amazon Echo Dot with Clock (5th generation) worth buying?

Better audio, smarter display


  • Improved audio
  • Better tap controls
  • Display shows more information


  • 3.5mm audio jack has been removed

If you’re considering this device compared to the previous model, the 5th generation Echo Dot with Clock has much improved sound and a nicer display. There are also new tap controls which are ideal if you’re not too keen on the constant voice commands and it’s also great for snoozing the alarm! There’s a stylish design to fit any aesthetic and that display now shows more information than before, while it’s also easier to read. You can also pair it with other Echo devices for multi-room music.

Our reviewer gave the Echo Dot with Clock a 4.5 star review from a possible five and concluded: “If you don’t care about the display, the regular Echo Dot is a better choice. If you want a handy bedside companion, then the Amazon Echo Dot with Clock (5th generation), like its predecessor is an excellent choice. I love the upgraded display, and the fact it can do so much more makes the overall experience better than with the older model. That said, if you have the previous generation, there’s not much here to justify upgrading.”

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