We can't believe how cheap these Sony headphones are for Black Friday

Looking for a bargain pair of over-ear headphones from a trustworthy brand this Black Friday? The Sony WH-CH520 should be right at the top of your wishlist, especially since it’s had a 42% price slash.

The headphones have plummeted to just £34.99 on Amazon, making them one of the cheapest pair of headphones that are still capable of excellent audio quality. We already rated these headphones, but now they have £60 lopped off the price, they represent even better value.

Get the Sony WH-CH520 Headphones now for just £34.99

Get the Sony WH-CH520 Headphones now for just £34.99

Snag the highly-rated Sony WH-CH520 headphones on Amazon now for only £34.99! That’s a fantastic 42% (£25) off the original price. Enjoy superior sound quality and comfort at an unbeatable price. Hurry, before the deal ends

The WH-CH520 are a pair of on-ear headphones that launched just this April, making them still very new.

The headphones combine a stylish lightweight design with solid performance and an incredible 50-hour battery life, making them the perfect budget pair to pick up this November.

As you can see in the graph above, this is the cheapest we’ve seen these headphones fall in the short time they’ve been on the market, making this the ideal time to snap them up.

Is the Sony WH-CH520 worth buying?

An on-ear headphone with plenty of features


  • Lightweight design
  • Very good call performance
  • Good feature set and customization options
  • Robust wireless performance


  • On-ear design can pinch
  • SoundMagic pair offers greater clarity and detail

  • The Sony WH-CH520 is lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Call quality is clear and the headphones have good wireless performance
  • They offer more features than their pricier rivals
  • Battery life is long, lasting up to 50 hours
  • The headphones support the Sony Headphones app for customization options
  • They have Bluetooth multipoint support for connecting to two devices simultaneously
  • The DSEE chip helps upscale compressed tracks to better quality
  • They come in four different color options
  • The headphones are durable and can be easily carried around
  • They are a good value for the price, with solid features and performance

The Sony WH-CH520 are a feature-packed pair of on-ears that have just gotten even more affordable.

The headphones offer a lightweight and comfortable design, robust wireless performance and great call quality, making them a solid choice for jumping on Zoom calls as well as listening to your favourite playlists.

Other key features include Bluetooth multipoint for connecting to two devices at a time, as well as DSEE support which upscales compressed tracks and improves the audio quality.

Finally, the WH-CH520 are available in four colours and pack an outstanding 50-hour battery life, meaning you won’t need to stop and charge them every day.

If you want to find out more, make sure you take a look at our comprehensive Sony WH-CH520 review

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