Forget the iPhone SE when the Nothing Phone (1) is this cheap

The Nothing Phone (1) is selling at a cheap price that makes the ageing iPhone SE look a bit silly.

Amazon is offering the Nothing Phone (1) for a price of just £329. That’s a 34% discount on the £499 RRP, and is £20 cheaper than Nothing itself is selling the phone for.

By way of a comparison, Apple is still selling the iPhone SE for £429. That’s £100 more for hardware that’s inferior to the Nothing Phone (1) in just about every way.

Save 34% on the Nothing Phone (1)

Save 34% on the Nothing Phone (1)

Amazon is selling the Nothing Phone (1) for £329, which is a saving of 34%.

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  • Now £329

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We gave the Nothing Phone (1) a hugely positive 4 out of 5 review, praising its stand-out design and a really nice 120Hz OLED display. The stand-out feature here is Nothing’s distinctive Glyph interface, which takes the form of a semi-transparent rear and individual white LED light strips that illuminate for notifications.

Having revisited the Nothing Phone (1) in the wake of the Nothing Phone (2) release, we would still recommend it.

“Even compared to the newer Nothing Phone (2), the Nothing Phone (1) is a good affordable Android phone,” we concluded in our revised review. “You’re getting a nice screen, versatile camera, a day-long battery and a unique design. Compared to the £579 asking price of the similar-looking Nothing Phone (2), it’s a steal.”

This was written when the Nothing Phone (1) was selling for £399. Now that it’s selling for even less money, this is an absolute bargain of a mid-range phone.