The Samsung Galaxy S23 is a budget phone with this fantastic deal

The decidedly flagship Samsung Galaxy S23 has essentially become a budget phone with this fantastic deal.

It gets you the Galaxy S23 on a 24 month Vodafone contract with a whopping 400GB of monthly data for £32 a month. There’s a minimal up front fee of £20.

Top all of those payments up and you come to £788, which is less than the £849 RRP. That’s not even taking into account all that lovely data, which includes 300GB extra every month.

Get the Galaxy S23 with 400GB of data for £32 a month

Get the Galaxy S23 with 400GB of data for £32 a month

This deal gets you the Samsung Galaxy S23 with 400Gb of monthly data for just £32 a month and £20 up front.

  • Mobiles
  • 400GB of data
  • £32 a month, £20 up front

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It’s a great price on a phone that’s still one of the best in the business. We scored the Galaxy S23 4.5 stars out of 5 in our original review, calling it “an excellent compact choice without much compromise, boasting top-end performance, versatile camera chops and, for the first time, true all-day battery life.”

While we’re starting to see phones packing the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip starting to filter in ahead of hitting the market, the Galaxy S23 and its supercharged Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 are still strong performers.

You also get a genuine triple camera system, which isn’t always the case in compact flagship phones. The iPhone 15, the Pixel 8, the Zenfone 9, and the Xperia 5 V are all rivals, and all give you just the two sensors. The Galaxy S23 grants you the power to zoom in with a 3x telephoto camera.

All in all, the Galaxy S23 is still near the top of its game as we approach the end of 2023. With this deal, the Galaxy S23 is a borderline budget phone too.