Windows is now an app for Mac, iPhone and iPad

Microsoft has launched a new ‘Windows App’ that’ll enable users on a wide range of devices to stream the operating system remotely, from the cloud.

The new Windows App for Mac, iOS, iPadOS and the web essentially allows people to stream a copy of Windows and access its apps.

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The new tool, currently in beta, essentially distills the Windows operating system down to an app, and enables users to access a wide range of applications without having to install any software.

It sounds like a good idea for those who don’t have a Windows PC but occasionally need to access one. Since Apple Silicon Macs prevent running Windows in Boot Camp, loads of Mac owners will like the look of this.

The ability to access the app on the web also unlocks the possibility for Chromebooks. Right now there’s no news on a potential launch for Android. Interestingly, the Windows app is also available for Windows too. We can only assume this will be useful for people who occasionally need to access a more powerful rig.

“Windows App is designed with a customisable home screen to cater to your unique workflow needs. You can access Windows across multiple different services and remote PCs from a single place, and pin your favourites you access most. And if you use multiple accounts, you can easily switch between them with our easy account switching feature,” Microsoft explains.

Users will be able to connect securely to Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows 365, Microsoft Dev Box, Remote Desktop Services, and remote PCs. Right now it’s not available to consumers, and only business accounts will be able to get on board.